Monday, April 28, 2014

Blogging Challenge 5 - Tech Trek

The video below is a brief introduction of United Airlines. I created this short 30-second video in Animoto.

United Airlines Introduction

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogging Challenge 4 - What's all the blogging about?

Although I have several huge passions today I am chosing to tell you about one that is probably my biggest. As a little kid we flew a lot and I have always found the operation and process of flying very interesting. Within the last couple years I have flown around the world. From all around the country to other countries such as England and France. Here recently I have been taking a huge initiation is becoming a pilot. I have been using a simulator and now I am flying in real life with instructors at our local municipal airport.

Below is a picture of Continental B737. Continental Airlines is no longer an airline. They merged with United Airlines and the paint job on the plane below is the current paint job on all United planes. It just says United instead of Continental.

Below is the Title and link to a blog post on something that is similar to my interests.

Southwest Airlines Gets New Winglets

a. Aviation Blog
b. Terry Maxon
c. April 9th, 2014
d. Southwest Airlines gets its first ‘split scimitar winglet’ airplane
e. This blog compares to my insterests because it discusses news within the airline industry. This post is about an airline that is taking steps to reduce fuel consumption and become more efficent. My post is also about aviation and airlines.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogging Challenge 3 - What's In a Picture?

My name is Sam and I am a six year veteran at Spying and Attacking Animals Incorporation and I am still working. My job is to find people I am given and spy on them for information then attack. I know it sounds mean but it is what I have to do. It was a rainy and muddy Tuesday morning in the suburbs of San Diego, California. I could hear the rain hitting the sizzling hot ground and the steam rising off of it. I could also smell the wet fresh cut grass and I knew my chance had finally come to complete another sneak attack mission. 

I walked into the headquarters office in Los Angeles, California. I knew today would be a busy and hard day for all of my fellow employees. Everyone was running around and collecting missions to complete. I walked up to the machine in the wall and collected a mission. My missions in the past have been all around the world. You may be wondering how we get from place to place. We have an underground transportation system that is faster than the speed of light and it is called “Flash.” After I collected my mission card I read the description and location of the mission. This mission is going to take me to Jambi, Indonesia. I have never been to Indonesia before but I know people that have an they said it was a very nice place with a lot of tourists. I walked down several flights of stairs to the “Flash.” I got onboard a capsule bound for Jambi, Indonesia. 

I was currently one hour into my two hour trip to Indonesia going through the Pacific Ocean. I was passing south of Hawaii and the sun was starting to set. An hour later the capsule started to slow down and ascend up. I shot into a tunnel and began a screeching halt. I fell over and hit my head a the pole. I guess I should have held on tighter. The doors opened and I walked up and out of the station. I walked outside and it was dark but the lights of the city were a stunning sight to see. Before I could start my mission I needed a good night’s sleep in the Spying and Attacking Animals Incorporation Hotel. These hotels are in every city we go to and they are always amazing and comfortable. I arrived on Main street which is where the hotel is. I walked into the golden lobby and it was one of the best i’ve been to. I checked into my room and got ready for bed. We don’t have certain necessities like humans so there isn’t much to do but get under the covers and turn the TV on. I woke up at 5:59 am, right before my alarm was set to go off. I hopped out of bed ready to begin another mission. I grabbed my gadgets and walked out the door ready to defeat the enemy. 

My first goal was to track down the location of the person I was given. I got on my tracking device and entered Julia Williams because she was the target of information and attack. I found her home but she wasn’t there. This is fairly common because most humans work. I sat down by the drain on the curb and pulled out the description card to find her location of work. After reading through all the information I finally found it. She is currently employed at United Airlines office at the Jambi International Airport. I made my way through the city streets, dodging bike after bike and car after car. Jambi was apparently a very busy place with a lot of people. 

I walked up the road to the airport while big jets were passing over me taking off and landing. I walked along the building trying to stay out of sight but some people saw me and got freaked out. I saw big colorful signs on the front of the buildings. Some said, “Delta Airlines, American Airlines, China Airlines, and Japan Airlines.” I finally found the United Airlines office and I realized it was going to be a tough job to avoid all the employees in there and I was hoping it would be easy but nothing is ever easy in the job. I went around to the back of the building and climbed up the ladder to the roof. Once I was on top of the building I still had to stay low so I wouldn’t be seen by people on the ground. I found an entrance to the ventilation system. I took the cover off and jumped down into the vent without making too much noise for the other below me to hear. I crawled through trying to find another vent to get into the office unseen. After crawly through a cold air vent, I finally found the perfect vent to get out of. It was the perfect one because it was in the back where there were hardly any people. I jumped down on the ground and a human started opening the door. 

The lights were off in the storage room so I hid behind the cabinet before she could turn the lights on. Once she turned the lights on I knew right away that was the target. All I had to do now was stay quiet until she left and follow her. She grabbed a new box of pencil to put on the desk in the office. After she walked out and shut the door behind her I got out from behind the cabinet and followed her. She sat down at her desk and took a drink from her Pepsi can. I crawled up behind her chair staying hidden. I grabbed her purse from under her desk and got all the information I needed to complete the mission. Then I pulled back on her chair and she fell back with it. I jumped on her face scratching it up with my claws. I took what I needed and ran away from all of the chaos in the office. 

After a long walk home I went through the information and I realized I had made a huge mistake.